Courses for Academic Credit

Graduate Certificate in Railroad Engineering

Students with an earned bachelor’s degree and experience with engineering and stress analysis are qualified to enroll in this innovative graduate-level railroad engineering certificate.  Each course takes place during the regular 15 week semester during the Spring term and the Fall term.  To earn the Graduate Certificate students must complete a minimum of three (3) of the graduate courses below.

  • CIEG618 Railroad Engineering [course description]  offered every Fall, online
  • CIEG617 Rail Safety and Derailment [course description]  offered every Spring, online
  • CIEG614 Railroad Geotechnical Engineering [course description] offered every Spring, online
  • CIEG667 Project Engineering for Rail/Transit [course description:Provides an overview of project management and construction engineering skills required for rail and transit operations. Includes effective management strategies, cost estimation and cost control, planning and scheduling, value engineering, condition assessment and infrastructure asset management. ]

Undergraduate Course Offerings

For railroad professionals who may not yet have earned a bachelor’s degree, there are undergraduate level courses available.  Each course takes place during the regular 15 week semester during the Spring term and the Fall term.  All courses listed below are available fully online.


This category of education is not academic credit based, but instead carry Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits.  Courses range in length from a day to a week on campus, with some programs available online.   Topics include:

  • Railroad Safety and Derailment Prevention
  • Rail Problems and Maintenance/Grinding
  • Planning and Designing Rail Transit for Operational Performance
  • Application of Emerging Data Techniques in Railway Maintenance
  • Operations and Operations Management for Passenger Rail
  • Railroad Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transit Standards and Construction
  • Intro to Railroad & Transit Systems for Non-railroad Professionals
    In collaboration with the Railway Tie Association (RTA), these online railroad and transit training modules are packed full of critical information for those working in the railroad industry. The online format allows participants to learn at their own pace and earn PhDs for completion of each module. RTA members receive special pricing on these modules.


    • Railroad Crossties: Engineering & Design Issues
    • Timber Crosstie Degradation & Failure Modes
    • Railroad Load Environment and the Engineering of Crossties
    • Intro to the Function of Railroad Crossties for Non-railroad Professionals
    • Intro to Railroad & Transit Systems for Non-railroad Professionals – Part 1 & Part 2

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