The Railroad Engineering and Safety program at University of Delaware is housed within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We offer courses to undergraduate, graduate, and professional & continuing education students.


Our professional short courses are available both live and online. A number of railroad engineering modules (1 to 3 hours each) are also available online.



Our certificate programs are designed for engineering professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of railroad engineering and related engineering disciplines.


All degree courses for Railroad Engineering and Safety are available in remote learning format (UD Capture) and can be made available as an off-cycle option.


Upcoming Events

Big Data in Railroad Engineering In-Person Conference
December 15-16, 2021 Learn More


Faculty and students of the Railway Engineering and Safety program at the University of Delaware conduct advanced research on railroad engineering, safety, operations and economics for the North American and international railway and transit industry. Areas of focus include:

  • Rail fatigue and rail life management
  • Track strength and performance
  • Turnout safety and maintenance
  • Safety, risk analysis and maintenance
  • Vehicle/track dynamics and interaction
  • Track inspection technologies
  • Optimization of components’ lives and maintenance costs
  • Rail transit and sustainable urban infrastructure