Graduate Certificate Program (3 courses)

The Railroad Graduate Certificate program has excellent courses which provide a depth of knowledge in the railroad industry that is difficult to find elsewhere. I think that all young track design engineers and agency personnel should seriously consider enrolling.
Zachary Grant

Project Engineer, AECOM

Top-notch course taught by the best in the business. Should serve as mandatory training for all track engineers working on an operating railroad. There is no doubt that this course will have a positive impact on both the student and the organization they represent.
Andrew Off

Assistant General Manager of Transit Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

The Railroad Engineering Program I took through UDEL was extremely important to me. After working in the South American Railroad Industry for 6 years, not only did it significantly broaden my technical railroad knowledge, but also gave me a much broader understanding of the North American Industry and the Railroad Industry worldwide. After completing the course, professionally I feel more prepared and confident to talk to customers and work on different projects. It has provided me more opportunities as well. Dr. Zarembski, Dr. Chrismer and MSc. Palese are professionals I strongly admire and as professors they are skillful and generous when transmitting information.
Gabriel Schmitzer

Region Sales Manager for South America, Harsco Rail

This graduate certificate provides pure engineering perspective on the three main parts of Railroad Engineering: Track superstructure, Geomechanics, and Safety. I highly recommend these courses for both new and experienced engineers and managers.
Denis Yurlov

former Track Control System Manager for Israel Railways and current Ph.D./ Research Assistant, University of Delaware

Ph.D. Program

As a scholarship-granted faculty member of King Saud University, I chose railroad engineering as an interest in my study. This choice evolved from the fact that there is a nationwide need in my home country (Saudi Arabia) for experts in the field of railroad engineering and personal desire. The railroad program at the University of Delaware provided a well planned, very informative, and relevant set of courses. The instructors are well-known experts in the field of railroad engineering with life-long experience. I highly recommend this program to every engineer who has an interest in railroad engineering.
Ali Alsahli

graduate student and research assistant, UD Civil Engineering Department

Having been in the railway industry for 25 years, I decided to pursue my PhD in Civil Engineering, which has been a personal goal for many years. with the development of the Railroad Engineering and Safety Program at the University of Delaware, it was a logical choice. Thus far i have been able to add to my railway education and experience with in depth engineering studies in the areas of track analysis, derailment investigation and geotechnical aspects of railway engineering. In addition, my dissertation research will revolve around railway aspects that have been my passion for the past 25 years.
Joseph Palese

Senior Director of Engineering Technology , Harsco Rail

M.S. Degree Program

The Railway Engineering and Safety program at the University of Delaware gave me an understanding of the technical engineering analysis and design principles, concepts of risk, economics, maintenance and safety standards as related to the railway industry and applicable to many areas in civil engineering. During my time, I was provided networking opportunities and collaboration with railway engineering professionals. The program stimulated my interest and respect for the railway engineering profession. 
Truxton Boyce

graduate student and research assistant, UD Department of Civil Engineering

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