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Why Have There Been So Many Train Crashes Lately? [VICE | Feb. 8, 2018]

Amid spate of Amtrak mishaps, critics point to political inertia [CS Monitor | Feb. 8, 2018]

Officials: Amtrak train was on wrong track [i24 TV | Feb. 5, 2018]

Spate of Amtrak Crashes ‘Unusual,’ Railroad Expert Says [NPR | Feb. 5, 2018]

Lack of Positive Train Control haunts another deadly collision [NBC News | Feb. 5, 2018]

Amtrak derailment and the future of U.S. infrastructure [WHYY | Dec. 21, 2017]

Expert: New Route May Have Distracted Engineer Before Crash [NBC News | Dec. 20, 2017]

Amtrak Inquiry Will Focus on Driver Distraction and Excessive Speed [The New York Times | Dec. 19, 2017]

Expert: Deadly Amtrak Accident Was Preventable [Associated Press | Dec. 19, 2017]

6 Killed in Deadly Amtrak Derailment [NBC News | Dec. 18, 2017]

USDOT awards $300M for UTC grants [RT&S | Dec. 6, 2016]

Germany’s NASA Crashes a Train to Keep You Safe [Wired | Aug. 24, 2016]

Amtrak deaths preventable if safety rules followed [The News Journal | Apr. 10, 2016]

Amtrak Crash Shows U.S. Anti Rail-Collision System May Have Gaps [New York Times | Apr. 5, 2016]

Amtrak Trying to Determine if Workers Were Authorized to Be on Tracks [New York Times | Apr. 4, 2016]

Two Workers Die as Amtrak Train Strikes Backhoe [NBC10 | Apr. 3, 2016]

NTSB: Train was traveling more than twice speed limit before crash [WBAL-TV | Feb. 1, 2016]

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Building the future of railroads: Zarembski recognized for contributions to track engineering [January, 29, 2018]

RR Big Data: Conference addresses big data in railroad maintenance planning [December 19, 2016]

Converting ‘mountain’ of data into railroad maintenance planning information [December 14, 2015]

Railroad Engineering and Safety Program to host international conference on big data, railway maintenance [December 4, 2014]